You can divine answers to these first questions by checking Monday's post.

Which of the Emanuel brothers reportedly complained to NBC about their interview with Brian Williams?

In that interview, Williams referred to the Emanuels as ...

One of Chief Justice John Roberts' guests during the Supreme Court hearing on California's Proposition 8 was his ...

Clues to these next answers lie within Tuesday's post.

The name of the news-summarizing app British teenager Nick D’Aloisio sold to Yahoo for millions of dollars is ...

Who suggested News Corp. honcho Rupert Murdoch stay off Twitter?

Find help answering this batch of questions by checking Wednesday's post.

Consider these two quotes about same-sex marriage: A. "If I hold to my faith and resist applauding the changes, I'm easily cast as some drooling white cartoon bigot of the Jim Crow era, denying black Americans the right to sit at a lunch counter and have a meal with the white folks." B. “It’s impossible for anyone who hasn’t spent their whole life in a state of benighted prejudice to know the pain and hardship that people like myself endure every day in our efforts to ensure that gays and lesbians remain oppressed and unequal.” Cite their sources.

A joint NPR-ProPublica investigation blames which organization for "lobbying to keep tax season miserable"?

Whose name has been misspelled at Willis (Sears) Tower for years?

Which Chicago-area native is rumored under consideration to co-host a TV show with CNN's Anderson Cooper?

And the answer to this final question lies within your heart.

The best way to get word on future news quizzes like this is to ...

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